Blackouts, Brownouts, Energy Crisis in California

Geez!! Rolling blackouts are to begin IMMEDIATELY here. We have a cold storm front on the way, too, which is anticipated to really wreak havoc with this energy crunch.

Ironically, people are complaining about having to cut back on their use of Christmas lights. Gimme a break.

We won’t be notified at all when we’ll each have our turn at the blackout due to bad guys taking advantage of alarms turned off, etc. So I sit here prepared for whenever.

I’m glad I still have firewood stacked up.

What’s absurd is that there’s a problem here at all.

Apparently there are 41 power plants offline for maintenance right now. California power companies are scrambling to buy power from elsewhere to reduce the blackout volume. We’ll see.

Time for my warmer sweats, thicker slippers, and curling up by the fire with the hot chocolate. Might as well make the best of it.

Time to think about a 2nd battery for the laptop, too.

News Story: California Declares First Stage 3 Power Alert

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