What’s the craze All About with Blogs? Or is it crazy?

Why blog?

Some blogs reveal incredibly intimate details of personal lives for the whole world to read if they wish. Others are business-oriented, sharing ideas. Still others are somewhere in between. Many are dull and boring, and many are fascinating reading. Where mine will fall amidst the above will be discovered as this new concept jells in my mind and flows out on the page.

So why is blogging so popular right now? What’s the big deal? One person wrote that it’s therapeutic to write. Another wrote that it’s fun to read what’s going on with others as a window into their lives and thoughts. Others use it to update content at their sites easily rather than using it as a journaling tool.

I also think we find new ways to connect with each other, with the Web being this blossoming and constantly evolving means of communication. We adapt and use the tools around us (and create new tools).

Logging on the Web, a recent article at, says:

Web loggers use their Web sites to show off their insight and expertise; as a broadcast medium for customers, clients, and acquaintances; and even as a company intranet. And as entrepreneurs .  .  . are discovering, Weblogs can be invaluable for building their businesses and brands.

Another slant is to use this Web log interface as a means for clients to update their own Web sites. Seems like it could be a very practical, easy approach, which I’ll be exploring in the days ahead, too. Some clients like to be able to go in and change a few sentences, or perhaps write new content themselves. Blogger offers a Pro version, too, and there are other web log programs out there as well to be explored.

These are just a few of the reasons. I suspect I’ll report back after I’ve discovered and explored more.

Blogger Quick Reference:

  • Blogger is a leading web log program, and it’s free and easy to use. You can use their templates and even get free space for your blog.
  • There are also blogger webrings to help you get connected with other bloggers, and lots of people link blogs to theirs, too.
  • Two great link portals are Rebecca’s Portal and eatonweb portal.
  • Linkwatcher system is designed to publicize and monitor Weblogs. "It visits all the blogs it knows about once every hour, updates the search engine, and determines whether each blog has changed." You can visit Linkwatcher to see the latest postings all over.

Whew! And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


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