Fire and Rain, James Taylor

...Oh, I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain.
I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end.
I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend.
But I always thought, baby, that I’d see you one more time...

As his guitar begins to send its sonorous, captivating chords through the airwaves and into my entire being, I can feel his music reaching right into my soul and tugging on my heart, flashing memories and feelings wider than the rainbow. As James states,

"that emotional connection...

"It helps to have an audience receiving because you want to make that connection happen for them, too."

CD cover: Fire and Rain, James Taylor

Listening once again to the NPR Morning Edition’s NPR 100, this time about James Taylor’s Fire and Rain, I can hear so much in his voice about this song in particular, as he talks about the circumstances behind it and his life at that time, reflecting on all that’s behind that song.

JT again:

"I think that what is meaningful about it...It’s not about the actual information in the song. It’s about the emotional connection with the information...When someone understates something...When it’s minimally stated, it just becomes true emotional...uh... it punches a hole in you. It lets it out of a place that it doesn’t usually come out of."

JT wrote this song in the "purest" way, as he states, because he had absolutely no thought of writing it for anyone else to hear. He wrote it because he needed to express what was inside of himself.

He’s been such a gift to the world.

[My thanks once again to for the mention of NPR’s Morning Edition’s NPR100 at their Web site, which led me into this wonderful adventure.]

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