Web Standards Discussion at New Orleans CNET’s Live!

Dori Smith just returned from what sounds like a memorable time in New Orleans, as part of the Web Standards Project panel with Jeffrey Zeldman, Glenn Davis, and Tim Bray. Here’s Macromedia’s coverage at about it. (Thanks to Dori Smith’s Backup Brain entry for the link!)

Once again, I sigh reading about the web standards issues we face as Web designers. I’d also like to know who Adobe polled when reaching their curious logic about standards and WYSIWYG authoring tools.

Here’s an excerpt from the above link about this in particular:

"Next, Dori Smith stood up to read a quote from Adobe’s PR department explaining why GoLive cannot create HTML 4.0 compliant Web pages. Adobe’s position was that the importance of standards had been greatly exaggerated by a small and vocal minority. The company argument was that because most Web designers create their pages with WYSIWYG tools, and WYSIWYG tools don’t support standards, then standards are irrelevant. Smith paused to let the audience ponder this circular logic before saying, simply, 'It is very difficult to create standards-compliant Web pages with WYSIWYG tools.' "

You can check out Dori’s references at her Dec. 13th Backup Brain entry.

Zeldman’s Web site also references his Preconference Q&A: Jeffrey Zeldman on Standards interview. As Dan Schafer writes, "Here he answers ten questions that provide insight into his thoughts on Web standards, which are (or should be) near and dear to the heart of every Web designer."

Reading this interview and Zeldman’s responses to these questions is quite a mind-boggling eye-opener to see these problems all in one interview like this. Of course, all of us professional Web designers and developers can’t even begin to count the numbers of hours we spend trying to resolve problems and figure out workarounds.

If someone sits in on a Web design discussion list for even half a day, he/she will see plenty of questions and discussions about workarounds and how to resolve cross-browser, cross-platform problems. I’m not talking about bells and whistles, either. I’m talking about things like how to fiddle with the code when Netscape 4 won’t recognize CSS inside a table or for the first paragraph or two after a table. Pretty basic stuff here. Zeldman’s interview goes into lots more about this.

There’s good reading to be had with Zeldman’s interview above. Then again, Zeldman always holds my attention.

[Very big thanks to Dori Smith via Backup Brain for the kind kudos! ("Shirley Kaiser now has a blog, Brainstorms and Raves. As with everything she does, it’s well worth checking out.")]

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