Passion and Labors of Love

Bob Stein, the man behind VisiBone, loves to make things to help people. It’s his deep passion. That comes through loud and clear if you set your eyes on his color charts, mousepads, and now his new HTML card.

When your alarm goes off in the morning, are you excited to start the new day? Do you drag out of bed only because you have to go to work to keep the roof over your head? Or do you feel something between those two?

One of my favorite questions to ask people is this:

"If money wasn’t even a consideration, and you could do whatever you’d love to do, what would it be?"

I often get a few chuckles and some talk about going on vacation for awhile. After we dream together about that wonderful vacation (with my wish to go along, of course!), I then ask,

"What would you do when you get back home from that dream vacation? What can you imagine leaping out of bed in the morning for that you’d be excited to do each day? What sparks the fire inside? What are you genuinely enthusiastic about in this life?"

If what you’re doing now doesn’t fill you with excitement, think about what you can do to make that happen. It’s not impossible. Really! If you love what you’re doing, you’ve found that wonderful gift in life, and you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’d love to hear your stories, your dreams, if you’re doing what you love, if you have dreams that you haven’t figured out how to accomplish. Please let me know.

What about me? It’s only fair that I share some things about myself.

At this point I genuinely love what I’m doing. I wear many hats, though, which is the way I need to live this life right now. I run a very busy and successful Web design business, I’ve been a professional pianist all my life with a new CD coming out soon (that’s my lifelong dream finally coming true!), I have two children who are the sunshine of my life, dear and treasured friends, a roof over my head, and a cute little cocker spaniel who loves to sleep on my left foot while I work.

Please don’t misunderstand, though, as I don’t lead a fairytale life, and my life is far from perfect. I love what I do, though, and I nearly always look forward to each day with great enthusiasm. I’ve had jobs that I didn’t love, and I’ve lived under circumstances that weren’t fun at all. I see now that these experiences genuinely helped push me into actually pursuing my dreams.

I never give up on my dreams, and I do mean never. And that’s the key.

I meant it when I said I’d love to hear your dreams, your stories.

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