The Tyranny of Standards....huh?

After spending the afternoon and evening in the nearby hospital’s Emergency Room with my 82-year-old dad who’s had his 2nd heart attack in only 2 weeks (although he’ll insist he’s only had some chest pain!), I came home to get some much needed rest. My plan was to quickly scan my email and then relax by leisurely reading Zeldman’s latest column. I was unpleasantly surprised, however, to find some 'dramatic reading,' as Zeldman so tactfully states:

"An article at O' confuses support for baseline web standards like CSS-1 and the DOM with an 'attack' on innovation by an angry 'lynch mob.' The author’s false assumptions make for dramatic reading. You can comment on the story via an online form at the end."

There are some wonderfully productive comments already.

Indeed our world is an interesting place. I look forward to seeing how this one unfolds in between hours at the hospital with my dad right now.

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