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Boycott Pentium 4 and Intel?

The latest article at Tips and Tidbits at (also by SKDesigns) talks about two new articles by the New York Times and Emulator, Inc. The news isn’t so good, either, for Intel’s new Pentium 4 chip.

A tough competitor to Intel is the AMD Athlon. They’ve continued to work hard at creating great chips, at times surpassing Intel in speed. It will be interesting to see where this all goes.

The bottom line to me is what this means for consumers and how we’ll be impacted by this. Checking out Dell’s site, of course they’re highly touting the new Pentium 4 chip, offering it with many of their latest and greatest computers. They offer plenty of Pentium III’s, too, customizing what you want, along with its usual wide range and variety depending on budget, needs, and purpose.

After checking Dell’s site, I ventured on over to Gateway’s site. They also offer several new computers with the Pentium 4 processor, touting it on their main page, too, naturally (good marketing, and I’m not knocking that!).

Interestingly, Gateway offers 3 computers on the same page with Intel’s Pentium III, AMD's Athlon, and Intel’s new Pentium 4. I went ahead and played the game of customizing and pricing the two more expensive versions on the page. I ended up with only a $200 difference, far different from the two articles I read that quote double the cost for the Pentium 4. I suspect it depends on which company, model and choices you make to end up with a double the price figure.

I’m beginning to follow things with the possibility of purchasing a new computer (PC) sometime this year, but I won’t decide which processor to purchase next until things settle down with this new Pentium 4 chip. While it’s natural to wish for the latest and greatest, what’s touted as the latest and greatest may actually be the latest but NOT the greatest. Depending on how things go, I may end up further upgrading my existing computers instead, waiting awhile for another new chip since my current computers both work fine right now (especially after I add new external hard drives this coming week).

I’d love to hear some input and feedback from anyone considering a new computer this year, too, and what to do. Keep in mind that I need a powerful computer to handle large graphics, sound processing, programming Web sites, and potentially video this year, too, in addition to the other stuff - word processing, browsers, accounting, etc.

I write short tidbits over at Tips and Tidbits, where I mention new software upgrades, special deals that I see around for hardware, software, and related for computers and the Internet, some tips for your Web site, and who knows....I explore as I go.

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