More CSS Frustrations

Zeldman’s January 2nd, 4:30pm weblog brings up just one of the crazy quirks (that’s an understatement!) that we must deal with in the Web design biz, this time a quirk with CSS (cascading style sheets). Here’s a quick clip:

"Web design woes: IE5.5/Windows misimplements the CSS-1 box model, taking 'width' and 'height' to mean the extent of the content plus any border, while CSS-1 clearly puts the border outside the specified height/width...

Netscape 6 adds the width of any border element before applying the border, even if you set padding to 0.

...The idea behind CSS is that one page works for all browsers and devices..."

The idea behind CSS is such a good one indeed. It would certainly be a dream come true if this idea could be realized. The amount of time it takes and the resulting cost to clients to ensure their sites will work cross-browser and cross-platform (not just CSS, but everything else, too!) is beyond ludicrous.

If you have a few moments, check out the example that Zeldman provides and the links in his weblog. That provides a great visual example of just ONE of the crazy quirks that we must work with and figure out how to work around due to cross-browser, cross-platform differences. Agh!

As I’ve mentioned before, I wholeheartedly thank the Web Standards Project for its existence, and I encourage anyone to check out the Web Standards site and consider joining.

Tips & Tidbits

This week I’ve also added a bunch of interesting sites and links at Tips & Tidbits about designing for which platforms and which browsers, body language, the WAP Forum disputing Jakob Nielsen’s WAP report, Photoshop plugins, and more. So wander on over if you get a chance.

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