After the Third Day the PDA Rose From the Dead

Scene One:

"We’ll leave in 2 minutes. I’m going to HotSync before we head out," I told my son as I took my PDA out of its case in my purse to go HotSync it with my computer to update the latest news via Avantgo.

When I turned it on I didn’t hear the usual welcoming beep. I got nothing but garbled junk across the screen. I’d never had that happen before, even when I dropped it once.

I turned it on and off a couple of times, only getting a strange glowing screen like I’d never seen before.

I then pressed the reset button hidden in the back of the Visor.

Still nothing.

I turned it off.

OK, I’ll try new batteries....

The next screen was thanking me for purchasing the HandSpring Visor.

Uh-oh. Not a good sign. My data and programs had vanished.

I’d had fairly new batteries, and the Visor had been resting in its case inside my purse, so none of this made any sense.

I also hoped I wouldn’t eat the words that I recently wrote in a story about how I back up my data, including the words, "So far so good."

My two minutes were up, so I had to leave the Visor problem for later.

Taking my son to his school play where he was performing in Fiddler on the Roof, I grabbed Molly Holzschlag’s new XHTML book to read instead during the 1-hour wait before his play started (great book, by the way!).

Scene Two:

I got tears in my eyes listening to the wonderful music to Fiddler on the Roof and also being a proud mom. I wanted to remember and cherish these moments forever of watching my 7th grade son and his friends sing, dance and perform this play.

It was amazingly good for this age group.


It was almost 3 days before I got my courage up to try the Visor again. After all, it was a 3-day weekend and I wanted to relax!

Scene Three:

OK, it’s Monday. I had to face my Visor.

I turned it on.

None of my data and information was there. Rats. It really hadn’t been a bad dream. (sigh)

Now for the moment of truth

It was time to find out if my backups had paid off and if the backups actually worked as they claimed.

I set the Visor in the HotSync cradle.

Would my programs return?

Would my information be restored?

Would my Bug Me! notes be there again?

Would I still have my saved game scores?

Would this all be a huge pain and take hours to straighten out?

I pressed the HotSync button and held my breath.

(..........drum rolls.....)

The HotSync music started: Do-do-te-do-te-dooooo!

I never thought I’d be so thrilled to hear that little tune letting me know that the HotSync had begun.

The HotSync continued on its merry way. I waited for error messages or something, anything. But nope, all went through fine.

Finally it was finished restoring. A message appeared on the PDA screen, "You now need to reset your Visor by tapping on the button below." I tapped the screen. "Cleaning up...."

Pretty painless.

Moral of the story: backups are a good thing. My Visor lives and its owner is saved.

Backup info:

Springboard Backup Module for Handspring Visors
Backup Buddy software for Palm Devices

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