Macromedia and Allaire Merge, the State Capitol Hit by a Truck, Rolling Blackouts Begin

Yesterday Macromedia and Allaire announced their merger. FWIW, Macromedia actually acquired Allaire. Today’s Tips & Tidbits has a short blurb about it, including Nick Finck’s great line....

Right now we can only speculate what this could mean for web developers, programmers, customers, and all those impacted by this merger. I just read at Allaire’s site that the combined company will be called Macromedia. I’m sure there’s legalese for all this. Sounds to me like Macromedia bought up Allaire, though.

Semi-Truck Crashes into California’s Capitol Building
While Macromedia and Allaire were partying last night celebrating their union, an individual driving a large semi-truck loaded with evaporated milk decided to get back at California’s Governor Gray Davis by crashing into the State Capitol building.

It was an intentional suicide, it’s speculated, as an attack at Governor Davis. The scary part for many of the people who saw what was happening was a flashback of the Oklahoma bombing, especially as explosions began to occur after the truck’s gas tank ruptured. In addition to the truck’s tires also exploding, thousands of cans of evaporated milk in the truck also exploded from the intense heat of the fire and other explosions. (What a huge mess for the firemen, too!)

This morning the truck is still where it landed last night wedged between two huge columns at the south side of the Capitol building. The building is damaged, it’s a scorched mess, and they’re assessing the structural damage to see if the building is safe to occupy or not. The Legislature has a day off while officials figure out this mess.

It hasn’t been that long ago that this beautiful building was restored to its original glory. Now the water sprinklers and smoke damage have changed a lot of that.

The attack to the Capitol Building also occurred just as the Legislature finished convening about how to handle California’s current energy crisis situation. We initially wondered if it was a terrorist attack somehow related to that; however, at least for now it appears that it was a parolee ticked off at our governor and decided to show it by plowing into the side of the Capitol building.

Exploding evaporated milk.... I wonder what Jay Leno will do with that one.

Rolling Outage Blocks Have Officially Started

To top it all off, we were just advised that northern California is officially starting a rolling blackout, beginning right now and lasting through 10:00 P.M. tonight. They anticipate the same for Thursday and Friday, too. Ridiculous situation. Looks like it’s time to fire up the laptop.

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