Energy Crisis Becomes Official State of Emergency

Gov. Davis declared a State of Emergency for California as officials scramble to figure out how to supply power to our state. We experienced rolling blackouts throughout northern and central California Wednesday. Today (Thursday) and Friday are expected to be far worse with more extensive blackouts.

Gov. Davis appealed to the Legislature to pass legislation today for California’s government to step in and purchase more power "as a bridge to a long-term solution."

The Governor stated that he’s disappointed that the private utility companies can’t manage this situation on their own. 'Disappointed' is a far milder term than many of us Californians would use to describe how we feel about this ridiculous energy crisis.

So many businesses were completely out of service because of the blackouts, with restaurants, hair salons, manufacturing companies, stores, and more coming to a screeching halt right as the lunch hour approached.

The news reporters learned from interviewing business owners that thousands and thousands of dollars of lost revenue occurred because of Wednesday’s rolling blackouts that shut down businesses.

Yes, the one to two hour duration may not seem very long but it made a huge impact Wednesday.

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has published articles on how to handle these rolling blackouts and also on conserving energy:

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