California’s Energy Crisis: The Internet’s Fault?!

While everyone is blaming everyone else for the power crisis here in California, a journalist at Salon last week decided that it’s the Internet’s fault! Now that’s an interesting twist.

Stage 3 alerts continue to be a nearly daily event right now. The power crisis continues, legislators are scrambling to pass legislation to fix the situation, Cal ISO is scrambling to keep the power on, and crews are scrambling to build new power plants faster, especially to help our summer crunch with air conditioning needs.

And I’m still looking into buying a generator.

Here are a few samplings of stories:
California Still In Grip Of Power Crisis, Another Stage Three Alert Declared.
[Sacramento Bee, January 22, 2001]

Crews Race To Finish New Power Plants
[Sacramento Bee, January 22, 2001]

Independent Generators Reshaping Power Industry
[New York Times, January 23, 2001]

Power Crisis SURVIVAL KIT:
Interactive: Learn How To Conserve Power, Prepare For Blackouts And See A Video Archive

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