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Browser Upgrade Initiative: Rants and Raves Abound

Molly Holzschlag (Executive Editor, wrote a terrific editorial Friday for WebReview: Editorial Response to WaSP’s Upgrade Your Browser Initiative. [Thanks to Zeldman for the weblog note about it!] Molly’s editorial makes some very important points, including the need for web designers to educate themselves well and to consider using the W3C’s recommendations. I think no Web designer or developer worth his or her salt won’t at least consider using recommendations instead of defaulting to proprietary and problematic methodologies. Another important point she makes is about coding our pages with W3C recommendations: We don’t really need to upgrade our... (1721 words, 34 links, 1 image)

11:33 am, pst24 February, 2001





The Web Standards Project: Fighting for Standards in our Browsers

This post was accidentally deleted. See the Standards Archives for related posts.... (13 words, 2 links)

08:20 am, pst16 February, 2001





Is Your Website on Target for Your Customers?

Ellen Schaefer wrote a fascinating article on the user experience, Your Web site’s on target if you speak to customer, for this past week’s Sacramento Business Journal. I’ve talked about usability and the user experience in previous columns, obviously because I’m interested in this, but mostly because I feel strongly about its importance to Web site owners, their designers and developers, and to anyone considering a new site or a redesign. After all, if visitors to your site can’t figure out what the site is about or where to go to find what they need, there is less chance... (180 words, 4 links)

10:36 pm, pst10 February, 2001





Power Surges and Blackout Protection

The adventures of getting a good UPS backup (UPS = uninterruptable power source) this week left my head spinning in circles. Maybe it was the virus I had, but I think it was actually just trying to figure out which UPS to get. There are millions to choose from with a wide range of features and price tags. I followed the link from ZDNet’s review of the BACK-UPS PRO 500 USB to APC’s Web site and really chuckled when I was greeted with an animated button: "Californians Quick While you still have power! Get your APC Power Outage Survival Kit!"... (243 words, 6 links)

11:10 am, pst 4 February, 2001

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