Is Your Website on Target for Your Customers?

Ellen Schaefer wrote a fascinating article on the user experience, Your Web site’s on target if you speak to customer, for this past week’s Sacramento Business Journal.

I’ve talked about usability and the user experience in previous columns, obviously because I’m interested in this, but mostly because I feel strongly about its importance to Web site owners, their designers and developers, and to anyone considering a new site or a redesign.

After all, if visitors to your site can’t figure out what the site is about or where to go to find what they need, there is less chance that they’ll stick around long or ever return.

Ellen, owner of Group Works, a Sacramento area marketing research firm, provides a great checklist "to ensure you’re on target," which includes discussion of positioning, multiple targets, customer-focused design, terminology, speed, testing, and feedback.

Whether you have a Web site now or are considering one, this article is a must read.

I’m also honored to be quoted within such a terrific and information-packed article. (Thanks again to Ellen Schaefer!)

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