New Products and Updates Around the Web

There are so many great announcements and good things going on around the Web. So today’s issue is devoted to sharing some of the latest.

Handspring Announces the Visor Edge

ZDNet’s Richard Simm wrote about today’s announcement of Handspring’s latest and very slim new Visor Edge. Retailing for around US$399, the new Visor Edge measures 0.44 inches thick, 3.1 inches wide and 4.7 inches tall. It’s rechargeable (no more batteries!), has many advanced features.

Macromedia Announces Discount To Emerging Web Developers

Macromedia launched a "Springboard to Success" campaign. Save US$100 through March 31 purchasing Macromedia Flash 5 or Dreamweaver 4 Fireworks 4 Studio. The Mac Observer states,

Also, those who have already purchased the full commercial version of the Macromedia Dreamweaver 4/Fireworks 4 Studio between November 13, 2000 and February 18, 2001 are eligible to receive $100 off any other Macromedia full product.

Adobe Acrobat 5 On the Way

Adobe has announced that the next version of Adobe Acrobat is being released. You can preorder from Adobe for April deliveries. Check out Adobe’s site for information about the Adobe Acrobat publishing tool, and for this version’s great new and improved features.

Adobe Photoshop 6.01 Update

Photoshop 6 owners can now download a free update:
Mac Info and Update
PC Info and Update

New Bitmap Font

Joe Gillespie has released another new bitmap font for both Macs and PCs. Tenacity is a slightly larger version of his popular MINI 7 bitmap font.

Where To Find More Products News

Curious about where to find the latest news for new products, upgrades, and related news?

  • Many of the companies send out newsletters and update information. While many hesitate to sign up for these, I haven’t yet found a spamming problem as a direct result of signing up for reputable companies' newsletters or announcements. As with everything, it’s important to read their privacy notices first, of course.
  • ZDNet and other online magazines have current news updates and information. Many are listed in the right hand column here at Brainstorms & Raves.
  • Many columns and Weblogs (such as this one and’s Tips and Tidbits) often mention new products and updates. Also in the right hand column is a listing of Recommended Weblogs.
  • News feeds, such as have the latest news gathered from all over.
  • Digital Media Designer’s 2001 Guide to Plugins for Adobe Photoshop is a great reference to find information related to graphics programs plugins. Many that work for Photoshop also work for other graphics programs. At the site are company Web site information, reviews, tutorials, and more.

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