Reading little green weblog today with its subject “what’s in a link?” grabbed my immediate interest. If you look around at a variety of Web sites, you’ll see a variety of linking styles. In the meantime, some usability 'experts' continue to push for blue underlined links, stating that this is what people are used to and look for, getting confused if links are something different.

Little green weblog linked to elegant hack’s post (Christina Wodtke), what makes a link a link?, so of course I clicked on over to read what she has to say about this issue. I also tend to agree with Christina’s thoughts, especially that users have adapted to a variety of visual links, that they’re not only looking for blue underlined links anymore. Links need to be clear, though, of course!

Coincidentally we had a terrific discussion on effective links (Links no longer obvious thread) at I-Design recently, with so many great points, insight, and information on this. Especially with CSS, we can now do all kinds of things to links. We must be sure, though, that our links are obvious. I-Design has online archives where you can read further if you wish:

I agree with the concept of “Don’t Make Me Think” which also happens to be the title of Steve Krug’s recent book on Web usability. Links need to be clear enough that visitors are not at all confused or have to try to hunt for links.

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