Gifts and Romance

Dave Barry has always been a great source of laughter in my life, and today was no exception. Dave’s column for March 22nd: Road to romantic ruin is paved with practical gifts. Here’s a short excerpt from the beginning of his column:

"It’s a talk every father should have with his son; and yet, far too often, we fathers avoid the subject, because it’s so awkward.

The subject I am referring to is: buying gifts for women.

This is an area where many men do not have a clue. Exhibit A was my father, who was a very thoughtful man, but who once gave my mother, on their anniversary, the following token of his love, his commitment, and—yes—his passion for her: an electric blanket. He honestly could not understand why, when she opened the box, she gave him that look (you veteran men know the look I mean). After all, this was the deluxe model electric blanket! With an automatic thermostat! What more could any woman WANT?"

Dave’s always finding humor in everyday life, even in these Mars-Venus differences. I see that as one of the keys to contentment.

You can find a listing of Dave Barry’s columns for the Miami Herald, his books, write him an email, and more at The Miami Herald: Dave Barry

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