Sneak Peeks at Veen’s New Web Design Book

Jeffrey Veen’s writings are certainly all over the Web! You can now read chapter excerpts from his new book at, The Art & Science of Web Design.

After all the great comments about it from colleagues and friends whose opinions carry great weight with me, I now have Veen’s web design book sitting right in front of me as I write this. I’ve only scanned through the highlights and have read a few chapters so far, but I’ve been finding it to be a very well done book and worth checking out. So far it certainly appears to address many important issues in a very understandable, easy approach that can suit someone learning about web design, those with some experience, or even a seasoned veteran to the business like myself. Even if I’m already familiar with much of what he writes about, I appreciate his insight and like his approach and style. I also tremendously enjoy reading what others have to say on the subject.’s chapter excerpts can give you a good preview to help you decide if you might want to purchase it, too. For a couple more places to read reviews and learn even more information, see what others have to say at, visit Jeff Veen’s Web page about his book, or visit the book’s publisher, New Riders.

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