Can Flash Sites Be User-Friendly?

Chris MacGregor, well known for his Flazoom Web site and creative Flash work, has written a thorough white paper, Developing User-Friendly Flash Content, answering this question.

Chris’s white paper is extensive, going through the step-by-step process of developing a Flash site with usability and user friendliness in mind. I think you’ll easily see that the possibilities are truly endless with creating Flash content that still allows for accessibility issues and user friendliness.

"Macromedia Flash content and usability were once considered opposites. This is no longer true. The journey metaphor puts usability thinking into the Macromedia Flash development cycle. By following the guidelines and tips in this document, Macromedia Flash developers will be on their way to creating dynamic, interactive Macromedia Flash content that is as usable as it is creative."
--Chris MacGregor

In addition to the white paper, I think you’ll also enjoy checking out Flazoom, which is all about Flash, and you can visit some of Chris’s work also via his Web site.

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