Blogger Technology Licensed by Trellix

Yep, you read that right! Dan Bricklin, founder and CTO of Trellix, in his own Blogger weblog entry of April 15th writes How the Blogger Deal Happened, the story of his interest in Blogger and then how the purchase transpired. Interesting reading.

Here’s also a snippet of the press release:

Trellix Acquires License to Pyra Labs' Blogger Technology
Trellix to Integrate and Offer Leading Web Logging Technology Through Its Network of Private-Label Partnerships

CONCORD, Mass. and SAN FRANCISCO - April 16, 2001 - Trellix® Corp., the leading provider of web site publishing software and managed hosting services to top Internet destination sites and small business providers, today announced the licensing of Pyra Labs' market-leading BloggerTM web logging technology. Through the agreement, Blogger technology will be integrated into Trellix’s web site publishing platform, which powers leading sites such as About, CNET, McGraw-Hill, Network Commerce and Terra Lycos. In addition, Blogger co-creator Evan Williams will consult with Trellix to help with product integration and will serve on Trellix’s advisory board.

There’s also a FAQ available at Dan Bricklin’s weblog with responses to some of the initial questions people may be asking.

[Thanks to where I first saw the post about Trellix purchasing Blogger.]

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