Planning for a Redesign or a New Web Site

An essential part of a new site or site redesign is planning it well. An analogy of this is like painting the exterior of your house. Some people may just go buy some paint and a brush and get to work. The result could be paint splattered on the sidewalk, plants being ruined from not being protected or from being stomped on, paint drips down the windows, and not noticing that indoor paint was purchased by accident.


You’ll have a much better chance at great results if you spend a little time preparing for the job. Think about what’s needed to take care of the surrounding area, such as tarps, something to tie back the plants and shrubs, taping off the windows, and other preparations, not to mention purchasing the right exterior paint and appropriate means of application (brush, spray, rollers?), and clean-up. You might even enlist some help or at least check with others for some tips.

Stepping Back, Gaining Perspective

Since I’m currently planning a major redesign, expansion and transformation of one of my sites,, I’ve revisited and also researched information on site architecture, navigation, and more to get some fresh input and perspective. While I already supply that fresh input and perspective for clients, sometimes designing my own sites requires that I step back.

The same is true of any site owner - we can get so used to looking at our own sites that we may miss some essential things that a fresh perpsective can provide. It can be helpful to step back from it, re-evaluate, get fresh input and perspectives from others, and be open for possibilities.

Below I’m listing some of the sites that I’ve visited as I’ve stepped back from my own site at to re-evaluate, consider new possibilities, and plan the new site architecture for its major expansion. Perhaps these sites can be helpful for you as well for planning your next project or reviewing your existing site.

Site Management Resources

Information Architecture

Other Related Details of Design

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