Edward Tufte’s Website

If you haven’t yet discovered Edward Tufte, you’re in for a major treat. Whenever I read about him or hear someone mention his name, it’s always with such admiration and respect. That in itself caught my attention about a year ago, and I had to go check out who this person is that so many admire. Envisioning Information, by Edward Tufte

Bob Stein, the man behind VisiBone, is one of many who’ve mentioned Tufte to me. Bob recommended Tufte’s book, Envisioning Information, which I promptly purchased and have loved every page.

Considering Tufte is not only known for but also revered for being an information design expert, naturally I was curious about how his Web site was put together, and how the information was presented, especially since he and Dariane Hunt designed and built it. I did indeed find it easy to navigate, and the overall presentation was clear and logical.

Exploring Tufte’s site, you’ll find his books, posters and other artwork, and his courses. He gives workshops all over, so maybe there’s one coming to your area sometime this year.

[Thanks to xBlog 04/27/01 for mentioning Tufte’s site.]

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