A Positive Spin On DotComs

John Audette of I-Sales fame recently started a newsletter, The Adventive Report, which spotlights Internet success stories each Wednesday:

“While many deadpool websites continue to monitor the failures of the high-profile flops, the aim of the Adventive Report is to highlight the companies that are persisting in the face of an Internet slump. Through testimonials, examples, and editorials, our newsletter showcases a myriad of achievements in an evolving industry.”

Unfortunately the news reports continue to ring of gloom of doom; however, e-commerce continues to grow, and there are plenty of businesses that are continuing to thrive. While Adventive’s subscribers to their numerous popular discussion lists certainly discuss the challenges of the current slowdown as well as the positive aspects of Internet business, Adventive wishes to promote the positives as well that are so widely underplayed (and often ignored) by the media.

screen shot of Adventive’s I-MeterContinuing on this positive spin, Adventive is also now providing a free I-Meter to post at your Web site. A screen shot of one version is shown on the right—the numbers actually continue to move to reflect the growth of e-commerce. There are also quite a few different designs from which to choose to work with your particular site.

“E-commerce and advertising spending has slowed drastically on the Net after a feverish beginning. But business is still being done online and is still growing steadily. The free I-Meters are an effort by Adventive to display the persistent growth of e-commerce, graphically.”

I personally find a positive approach refreshing. The graphic I-Meters can remind site visitors that e-commerce continues to grow, and the success stories in The Adventive Report have been fascinating reading and uplifting. John Audette, as always, has a great thing going.


  • Adventive
    Home page, subscription information for the above, I-Sales, I-Design, and more.
  • The Adventive Report
    John Audette’s new weekly success stories newsletter.
  • I-Meter
    Adventive’s FREE graphic e-commerce meter.

Update October 2003

Note that Adventive was bought out during 2003 and is now a part of Up2Speed. The links above currently go to Adventive’s related archives on the topics in this post. They may or may not break before long.

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