Forrester’s Latest: User Experience Matters

Forrester Research’s debut Design Summit discussed their recent findings: user experience does matter, and funds used for great user experience is quite cost effective. A Web site’s design MUST include easy to understand navigation and other tools to enhance the user experience and help visitors effortlessly get around the site.

"'Executives shouldn’t stand for designs that put roadblocks between users and their goals. People will struggle with a hard-to-use site to get valuable content--but only until some other site makes it easy to get similar value. When users can’t get to the content because the site isn’t designed properly, it’s like a broken assembly line that halts production,' says Harley Manning, research director at Forrester."

We’ve all experienced sites in which we go around in circles looking for something—we know it’s there somewhere but can’t find it, at least not easily. Agh! I usually leave those sites pretty quickly and go elsewhere, don’t you?

If you go to sites like, Digital-Web, and other sites with clear, easy navigation and search capabilities, you don’t even think about it. You just go look at whatever you want. That’s how it ought to be - effortless.

Check out’s Design section for annotated links to many more sites about information architecture, usability, good design and more.

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