Pearl Harbor, the Movie and Real Life

War is beyond being a horrible, dreadful part of our world. Watching the reality of war Saturday night via the new movie Pearl Harbor was almost more than I could bear to watch. Without being there on that fateful day it’s impossible to know what it was like to experience this raid, to be there as one of the sailors, one of the nurses, one of the inhabitants of the island. However, this new movie gives a glimpse into what happened when over 3,500 people were killed in this invasion.

This, though, is only one of millions of wars our world has had through time. War makes no sense to me. My hope is that we can continue to learn from the past, take hard looks at the wars and violence and continue to work toward peace throughout the world. We can make a difference one person at a time.

I’ve found the Internet to be an incredible world community where country borders are non-existent, where people are kind, generous, share information, do favors for others, and so much more. One of the reasons I love my business in web design is because I’m around helpful, caring people from all over the world all day long. It’s truly phenomenal. If people throughout the world could view others without regard to country borders we’d have one ingredient toward monumental progress.

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