Netscape Browser - Quitting or Not?

Last week rumors began to fly that Netscape would quit making its browser. However, Peter-Paul Koch decided to do some investigating to see if there is real truth to the rumor, as he writes in his new article, "Netscape Quits?" Here’s a snippet from the introduction:

"In the web design community, the talk of the week has been the rumour that Netscape will quit making browsers. In my opinion, people have been too quick to reach conclusions.

There is (as yet) no evidence that Netscape will actually stop producing browsers.

First for the facts. The rumour seems to have started after an article appeared on Yahoo News (with a copy on Yahoo Finance), in which Netscape president Jim Bankoff is quoted saying:

'The browser is a crown jewel. However, six months from now, you won’t consider Netscape to be a browser company.'

This has been universally translated as: 'Netscape quits!'."

Peter-Paul goes through a whole lot to find proof one way or the other. Interesting reading. So is this situation just another example of how rumors spread with no basis? And what if Netscape does quit making its browser? Well, Peter-Paul discusses that, too.

What are the latest browsers out there? Microsoft Internet Explorer continues as the most used browser at the moment. However, Opera is gaining in popularity, and is available for a variety of platforms. Many of us web designers also hope its popularity continues to increase, especially with its strong advocacy of browser standards. I’ve been using Opera for a couple of years now and have watched it increase in features, ease of use, programs it supports, and overall stability. Netscape 6.01 is available, of course, iCab (for Macs), along with a variety of other browsers, too.



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