Typography As An Art Form

sample of 'FreeToolbox' by Typebox, showing each of the charactersAs a small child my mom introduced me to the breathtaking qualities of typography. She’d been an art major at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, also studied typography, and shared with me so much of what she’d learned. Even as a toddler I was totally hooked on studying and appreciating the lines and artistic qualities of how letters were formed. Needless to say, I recognize the truly fine quality digital typefaces now as our technology has evolved.

I wrote about Typebox here in April, and I’m writing about them again not just because their site is now finished but because of how the quality of their typefaces stand out in my mind. Typebox is a new business and they don’t have the thousands of fonts that a huge corporation like Adobe offers, but the quality of what they offer stands on its own among the best from what I’ve seen so far.

I also have a heartfelt appreciation for their philosophy about typography as an art form, as I have deep respect for this craft. They speak of typography in terms of tone of voice, emotion, personality, rhythm, and more. As a lifelong musician, I can certainly relate to their choice of terms but hadn’t considered this in regard to typography until reading their article, Digital Typography Osmosis.

They also tie in life itself with typography, as they describe of themselves,

"TYPEBOX: mind, heart and hand. Like in life itself, the process of 'thinking, feeling and doing' can also be applied to type culture - from concept and formgiving to the ongoing use, craft and art of typography and letterform design."

Typebox currently has eight new fontfaces, and they offer a free gift, too. Displayed to the right is a sample of their 'FreeTypebox' picture font, inspired by the logos and graphics from the father’s workshop of one of Typebox’s owners.

Each quarter Typebox will have new typefaces, at least one new picture font, and fascinating articles about typography. Check back with them at least every quarter for their new arrivals.

Be sure to visit’s Fonts section, too, where I’ve provided a categorized and annotated listing of many of the best sites for fonts.

Addendum 09 August 2007: See also’s Typography section (which didn’t exist yet when this post was originally written in 2001.)

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