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Weekend Tidbits

Tidbit 1.  Tomalek’s Realm Will Keep Going Afterall!

Those following the news that Tomalek’s Realm was going to be discontinued will be pleased to know that it will be continued afterall! Whew! Lawrence Lee tells the tale in his Random Thoughts, And So It Goes.

For those who aren’t familiar with Tomalek’s Realm, filled with "Daily links to strategic Web design news," Lawrence Lee has dedicated much time to daily updates of the latest news related to web design and development. He clearly has a very devoted following of readers as evidenced by the outpouring the past couple of weeks when he stated it would close down. Happily, things have worked out so that he can continue this noteworthy publication.

You can have Tomalek’s Realm delivered daily to your email box or to your Palm via Avantgo or read them at his site.

For more interesting reading like this, check out Brainstorms & Raves' listing. You’ll find a long list in a column to the right on this page. I’ve listed quite a few fascinating sites under "Interesting Reading" and "Recommended Weblogs." right arrow

Tidbit 2.  Netscape Saga Latest:

Netscape has released its latest browser, beta version 6.1. Guess that pretty much kills this past week’s rumors, huh?

Tidbit 3.  Microsoft Smart Tags Fiasco:

Apparently due to the uproar by the Web community and all the bad press, Microsoft will be turning off Smart Tags by default. While the source from Microsoft can’t be revealed and we aren’t holding our breath, this could be a good sign. Let’s hope so. Read more at Robert Scoble’s Scobleizer and Dave Winer’s Scripting News.

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