WaSP Goes After Dreamweaver, GoLive, and FrontPage

The buzz abounds around the Internet regarding the latest news that WaSP, the web standards organization, is putting the pressure on the WYSIWYG authoring tools. Such popular tools as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, and Microsoft FrontPage have so far not been concerned about producing standards compliant code. However, WaSP has certainly gotten their attention, especially since their three years of work has finally begun to pay off with the major browser companies. CNet News reported in its article today, Standards group ignites common-code war,

"'For our Web developers, the No. 1 issue we see in our research is cross-browser compatibility,' said Eric Ott, group product manager for Dreamweaver at Macromedia. 'The browsers start off with standards but then build on top of that with their own bells and whistles. So developers pull their hair out trying to make things work in both browsers. It’s really hard to get things to work across all the browsers in every environment, so moving towards standards is going to make things a lot easier for us.'"

So what’s the buzz about and why does it matter? I’ve written numerous columns here about web standards, and there’s also an excellent article at WaSP that explains all the details, What are Web standards and why should I use them? Another interesting article is found at Evolt by aardvark (Adrian Roselli), To Hell With Bad Editors.

[Thanks to the Webdesign-L discussion list for the buzz on this.]

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  1. Market share or sales of DreamWeaver, GoLive... ???

    Does anyone know any kind of information about sales (nš of licenses sold or something like this) about dreamweaver, golive, frontpage and these kind of software or how could I acquire it?

    I’m interested in whatever you could say me about it, even if itīs very insignificant... (a simple number, for instance)

    Thanks a lot

    02:09 am, pst26 January, 2004Comment by Lucia

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  2. I suggest you check with the software companies' websites, as they may provide that information.

    05:36 am, pst26 January, 2004Comment by Shirley Kaiser

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