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A note popped into my Inbox with the subject "blog of the day." That was the beginning of a fun week-long adventure.

The blog of the day site is one of those sites to meander through as you sit back with your favorite music and a good snack. Their current listings alone could keep you occupied with interesting explorations for days, and their archives go back to January. Since these are sites that the editors have personally reviewed and recommend, too, there’s a better chance of finding interesting and well done weblogs.

Checking out my recognition as blog of the day for July 15th at the blog of the day site, I happily discovered that the editors had actually found my site via So off I went to check it out. The weblog has lots more fun explorations, and, well, one link can often lead to another (aka Web surfing, whether intentional or not!).

Sites like blog of the day and are just two of the many weblogs out there that list other high quality weblogs and interesting sites. Brainstorms and Raves' right column lists quite a few good ones in addition to weblog portals, sites that monitor and report weblogs updates, typography weblogs, Blogger, Grey Matter, and more.

So where is the weblog phenomenon going? Tough to predict; however, my own perception is that it’s becoming an increasingly popular form of writing. While some are definitely more interesting than others, it’s fascinating to watch this type of site grow in numbers. Even businesses are beginning to implement some kind of online updating of information, such as a what’s new area, or the latest specials being offered.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my explorations of the weblog phenomenon.


Besides nice comments about Brainstorms and Raves, (another of my sites) was also listed in the good stuff for July. Thanks to for all this!

*The Weblog Phenomenon

I’ve been exploring the weblog phenomenon for the past 10 months or so. What is it all about? Why is it so popular? Is their a possible business purpose? How does the weblog impact the online community? How does it impact daily life offline?

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