Latest Round of Computer Viruses - W32.Sircam.Worm@mm

It seems that nearly everyone I cross paths with on the Internet has been bombarded with email messages containing the latest virus attached, W32.Sircam.Worm@mm. I’ve personally received more than I can even count at this point.

I strongly suggest that no one should open ANY attachments, even from people you know, until you’ve run the latest anti-virus software to make sure it’s not a virus disguised as a friendly attachment. While I have my anti-virus software set to automatically check for updates each day, right now I’m checking it more often while this siege is in full swing. Maybe some will think I’m being overly cautious, but after being attacked with a Word macrovirus long ago, I don’t care to go through anything like that again. It wasn’t pretty.

You may have seen this by now, too, in either Spanish or English:

Hi! How are you?

I send you this file in order to have your advice

See you later. Thanks

I have several concerns about this virus, which is why I chose to write about it here today.

When the Worm Activates

When it’s activated it will send out a file from that computer’s hard drive along with the virus to any addresses found in the cache. So there’s a very real security threat here, too.

If it’s not removed properly, there’s also a good chance of disabling the ability the launch ANY .exe file (applications!). Imagine trying to use your computer if you can’t open an application to run it. Hmmm....

There are instructions and free utilities being offered to help you check for the virus and remove it if needed:’s Antivirus Software guide, Mary Landesman, also reports:

"The worm has a malicious payload (action) on the infected system. In one out of twenty cases, on October 16th it will delete the contents of the local drive on which Windows is installed. In one out of fifty cases, on any day of the year, the SirCam virus will create a file in the hidden \Recycled\ folder named sircam.sys and repeatedly append test strings in that file until the hard drive space is filled to capacity."

Needless to say, if you’ve put off updating your anti-virus software, now might be a good time to download the latest. This one is particularly nasty and invasive.

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