Brainstorms and Raves Joining Forces with Tips and Tidbits

Coming in August,’s Tips and Tidbits will be merging with Brainstorms and Raves to bring the best of everything to one convenient site. Both are written regularly by Shirley Kaiser, editor and owner of and Brainstorms and Raves (currently part of SKDesigns).

You’ll still find the same content at Brainstorms and Raves on design and development, the Web, typography, software, the latest tutorials, books, publications, and more. Added to this will be all the great tips and tidbits, more reviews of sites, software, hardware and accessories, and press releases that have made Tips and Tidbits.

Both of these columns, or Weblogs, have been steadily increasing in popularity since their inception December, 2000. It is hoped to increase the popularity even further by focusing the entries and efforts to one location.

The new site is currently being finished and tested, and the new URL will be posted here as soon as it’s open sometime during August.

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