Inspiration, Refueling, WebVisions, and Portland

The past week has been a quiet one for Brainstorms and Raves but not at all quiet for the person typing away to make Brainstorms and Raves happen. I was in Portland, Oregon visiting and also attending WebVisions, Exploring the future of the web, a new conference organized by the Multimedia Internet Developers Group. The conference, with Jeffrey Zeldman as keynote speaker, and the entire experience in Portland were remarkable and memorable. I’ve returned bubbling over with excitement and enthusiasm from being around so many creative, talented people and sharing thoughts and ideas, and so much more.

Some of our best work can come from taking a break and clearing our minds of all the clutter that can get in the way.

Stay tuned for details about WebVisions, including notes from Zeldman’s talk, panelist discussions, interesting links, and info about the panelists and other talented people I saw again or finally got to meet in person after crossing paths so often on the Web.

By the way, The long and winding creative road, Daniel Will-Harris’s latest FuseLetter, was patiently waiting in my Inbox - a great read on the creative process.

Update August 10, 2001

See my next post that reviews this conference, WebVisions: A Successful New Web Design Conference.

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  1. As I mentioned in my previous post, I attended Portland's new WebVisions conference this past Tuesday evening, organized by Portland's Multimedia Internet Developers Group. The keynote speaker was Jeffrey Zeldman, an important figure on the Web, with o...

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