Design For Community: Powazek’s New Book!

Derek Powazek is well known on the Web for creating {fray}, Kvetch!, and San Francisco Stories. He has clearly become quite an expert at creating community sites and promoting community. So it comes as no surprise that he’s written a book on the subject and has a new Web site, too, The site is brand new but already has fascinating dialogs and a new community is blossoming. In addition to a community conversations area, Derek has included essays, excerpts from his new book, and updates about the latest goings on in communities, his book, and whatever else is relevant.

Why did he write the book? At his new site he states,

I wrote the book because I wanted to encapsulate what I’ve learned in the last six years designing sites for the web that include community features.

The book is not like any book out there. It’s not a do-it-my-way manifesto, it’s not a dry academic book, and it’s not a pretty content-less design book. Mostly it’s a collections of lessons learned the hard way – personal stories about websites that have succeeded (and failed) in creating community online, as told by me from my experience, as well as a collection of some of the most impressive people in the community space: Steven Johnson, Rob Malda, Howard Rheingold ... people who have been in the trenches longer than anyone else.

How does Derek do it?! What’s the magic behind his amazing abilities to create such fabulous communities? I suspect his new book, Design for Community : The Art of Connecting Real People in Virtual Places will provide some clues about this, available August 15th. (You can preorder, too!)

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