Community: Digital Web’s Latest Issue

They’ve outdone themselves again. Digital Web’s latest issue on community includes the creators of several much loved and well known communities, including an interview with Derek Powazek of {the fray}, the feature article by Daniel Cody of, Matt Haughey of Metafilter writing this issue’s tutorial, and a beautiful cover for the issue by Molly Sokolow of ParisFranceInc.

Daniel Cody talks about creating the community in his feature article:

"Love what you’re trying to build, and love it for the right reasons . . ., Metafilter, and NewsTrolls are just a few examples of online communities that love what they’re doing, are having fun doing it, and succeeding as a result."

His comments resonate with me as my own philosophy includes doing what you love, too, and fueling your passion. That’s what really works. This epitomizes the phrase, "labor of love."

Matt Haughey, in his tutorial Building an Online Community: Just Add Water also states something similar as the first item in his list of recommendations for building a community, "1. Make sure you really want to do this." Matt continues on with so many good points about what to consider, what to watch out for, and what to avoid.

Nick Finck, Editor in Chief of Digital Web, interviewed Derek Powazek about his amazing communities, too. Nick asked thought-provoking questions, and Derek answered them in fascinating, witty, entertaining, and informative ways. Before I knew it I’d read the entire interview and wished there was more! Terrific.

Among Digital Web’s regular monthly features is Stephen Van Doren’s DigiSect, this time titled Community for Dummies, and Peter Fielding’s ProDotCon column, From Each... To Each... Both of these explore community in ways that only each of these two unique individuals could do. Both are insightful, interesting, reflective, and humorous, all mixed together.

This month’s issue also features another well done review by Jesse Nieminen, this time on Macromedia Freehand 10. Jesse has quite a flair for reviews, taking a unique approach that I always find so much more helpful than many of the dry reviews I read. I appreciate the honesty and forthrightness about these reviews, too. While Jesse certainly mentions the positives, you won’t find sugar coated comments, either, as you’ll see reading this one on Freehand’s latest version.

Once again, big hat tip and congratulations to all those putting together this month’s issue of Digital Web. It truly takes a community effort, so this month’s topic is right on target.

By the way, just a few days ago I wrote about Derek Powazek’s new Web site and new book.

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