DreamSuite: New Application from Auto FX

Auto FX has released a new application, DreamSuite, Series 1, packed with photorealistic visual effects. With over 100 precise onscreen effect controls, there are seemingly limitless possibilities to make visual effects for your graphics work easier, faster, and more precisely.

Designed for everyday projects, with PhotoDepth, for example, you can brush in depth effects to photos and other images (I especially like this one - very unique!). Other visual effects help you create frames, liquid metal, bevel, creases, crackles, ripple and so much more, many of which have not been seen in any other programs or applications to date, according to Auto FX.

DreamSuite applications also support Photoshop 4 and above, so you can save actions and integrate your Photoshop work with DreamSuite. The samples at their site are indeed impressive. You can purchase one effect or the entire suite for either PC or Macintosh. This is also just the first series in what they anticipate to be a many series application.

Once I’ve had an opportunity to play with this in Photoshop 6 I’ll write a thorough review and provide some samples, too. In the meantime, check out their site for details, and here’s their press release. (PDF - Acrobat Reader)

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