Design Experiments and Moving

Brainstorms & Raves has just moved into its new home with an all new design and its own domain name. A new Links section has been added with lots of great sites to distract you, too—weblogs, online magazines, online games, and quite an eclectic mix.’s Tips & Tidbits also recently merged with Brainstorms & Raves (I’d been writing them both). While I’ll continue to write my usual brainstorms, reviews, and more, I’ll also be including the short tips, gold mine finds around the Internet, and software reviews that I’d been doing via

The Fun of Experimenting with Design

I’ve been enthusiastic about creating a new design for experimenting, testing, trying new things, and stretching my wings. I’ll be writing more about how this new site came about (I never dreamed I’d use leaves as a theme, but here they are!), bumps along the way, and what I have in mind during the upcoming few months as the site evolves further (such as converting the site to XHTML, using CSS-P for a table-less layout, some PHP, and who knows what else will unfold?!).

Whatever I do will comply with W3C recommendations (including accessibility guidelines), will support the Web Standards Project (WaSP), will be visually appealing, and will also degrade gracefully for older browsers. Impossible? Not at all. It currently meets all of that, and it’s not nearly as intimidating or difficult as it may seem to some who haven’t tried this.

So many discussions the past several months in a variety of design and development discussion lists have shown me quite loudly that the W3C and web standards can be incredibly misunderstood, so while I’ll continue writing about all of this, I’ll also be showing samples and test pages.

Transferring over 9 months of archived content from the previous design to this new design was also quite painless since I’d separated the content from the structure with the previous design, too. So there are so many advantages that I’ll write more about in the days ahead.

I may take some side roads in separate sections, too. Stretching my wings, tapping into creativity, experimentation, and having fun is the goal, with both writing and the site’s design and development. The Colophon explains some of the thoughts and philosophy behind the new design, too.

Hope you enjoy the new site! And if you find anything amiss, please let me know and I’ll fix it!

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