We’ve Got To Find Him

If you’ve heard much of the news the past couple of days, you may have heard about the 27-year-old man who’s murdered 6 family members Monday in the Sacramento area (Rancho Cordova, North Highlands), the last of which was his 3-year-old son found Tuesday afternoon.

My hands shake as I write this thinking about the fact that this man apparently lured his little blonde-haired 3-year-old son with new toys to get into a TV-sized 2'x3' cardboard box on a trash heap surrounded by beautiful California valley oak trees in a field. He then proceeded to brutally "violate" and murder him sometime after 8pm Monday night.

Nikolay Soltys has killed 6 family members, including his wife who was 3 months pregnant, his aunt (age 76) and uncle (age 75), 2 young cousins ages 9 and 10, and his 3-year-old son. Other family members and potential targets are in protective custody.

Soltys was last seen with his then alive son around 8pm Monday night. Here’s a description of the car he was last seen driving:

  • Emerald green Ford Explorer, mid 1990’s model
  • Silver highlights
  • Noticeable markings: the back hatch is a lighter green than the rest of the vehicle
  • Firestone tires


As of this post, the reward for Soltys' arrest and conviction is over $30,000 and growing.

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Running a search at Moreover reveals that this horrific and sad news is being felt throughout the world. [Link]

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