Can Appealing Design, Great Content and Wide Accessibility Live in Harmony?

I continue to say yes, it can. And I’m always looking for more ways to prove that.

The WDVL this week has a new article on this by Alan Richmond: Design and Architecture of a Content-Rich Web Site. Using his EncycloZine site as a case study, Richmond discusses:

  • the need for flexible site architecture and design,
  • well planned hierarchy that can also evolve and grow as needed,
  • usability and accessibility (including font issues),
  • the primary importance of content (keep clutter away),
  • following traffic flow (consider a Most Popular page), and
  • including a search engine.

Richmond then tops it off with a resource page of some excellent sites for information architecture, design and development, navigation, and federal guidelines. This article is definitely one for the bookmarks.

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