Using a Blogger-like Program: Which One?

WebReview has a new article by David Hauslaib, Which Blog Is Best for You? that provides a concise overview of several ways to go: Diaryland, LiveJournal, Blogger, and Greymatter. This new article gives a great starting point for exploration.

Using one of these tools doesn’t have to be for writing a personal journal and sharing your innermost secrets with the world (unless you want to, of course). As I’ve looked around at how these tools are used around the Web, these simple content management systems are used for anything from personal journals to business updates to anything in between.

These easy-to-use content management tools provide easy, quick access to updating content to a site, too. I originally tried Blogger, for example, to see how easy it would be for my clients who don’t know any HTML and want to update their own content. Bingo. It can work for that, too, just by inserting the Blogger tags within the page that needs the updating.

With a few instructions, many can do their own content updating. Knowing HTML can help, of course, with formatting beyond simple paragraphs, bold and italic text. But that’s often enough for just simple updating. Archiving is an optional feature, and it’s a very flexible tool. There are also more sophisticated content management programs available depending on your needs and your budget.

Greymatter is another tool that I’ve looked into and am impressed with also. I especially like the fact that the program resides on your own server and has many enhancement capabilities. If you check some of the sites that use Greymatter, you’ll see that some of them have implemented many enhancements, especially with PHP. Two that come to mind that are well worth checking out are Charles Johnson’s Little Green Weblogs and Paul Michael Smith’s Life in the Bus Lane.

I’ve also been using Blogger for the content management of the daily posts and archives here since last December. It’s been simple to use, especially with the automated archiving.

I also recently redesigned Brainstorms and Raves and bought a domain name for it (it had been residing within SKDesigns). Once I had the design template ready to go, I changed Blogger’s settings to point to the new URL and it instantly updated all the content from last December to this new site right into the new template. It flawlessly produced around 75 pages in less than 2 minutes. Now that’s impressive. (I’m not in any way affiliated with Blogger—just a happy customer.)

There’s more on Weblogs in the Archives section here, too.

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