Nightmares and Bad Managers

Most of us old enough to have an official paying job have had or have been a boss or a manager. Many of us have also worked on Web projects, some of which have been well organized and efficient, others of which have been living nightmares, perhaps falling apart at the seams due to poor management or communication. Meryl K. Evans has written an interesting article about the pitfalls of process management, Processes and the Bad Manager. What are processes and why does it even matter? The article will explain that, too.

The above article is a follow-up to Meryl’s article a few weeks ago at A List Apart, Process, Methodology, Life Cycle, Oh My! Scope creep, budget creep, launch delays, or maintenance issues—any of those sound familiar? Meryl’s article at A List Apart goes into those issues and what you can do to avoid them by documenting the process.

Meryl has articles elsewhere on the Internet such as and WebReview, and also writes for the Dallas Morning News.

Meryl also has a terrific weblog, Meryl’s Notes, where you’ll find tidbits from around the Internet, especially regarding web design and development issues, writing and content, standards, software, and much more.

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