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Remembering Carl Volk

Has it really only been a year ago that I heard the devastating news that my dear friend had died so unexpectedly, without any warning? It feels like an eternity since I’ve heard his voice or got an email from him. However, just one year ago September 5th Carl Volk passed away unexpectedly at age 47 in Las Vegas where he lived.

An exceptional photographer and an amazing Photoshop guru, he so willingly and generously shared his knowledge with the world. I am truly blessed to have been among those he considered his close friends, and he was indeed my close friend, too.

Carl wrote and managed the i/us Photoshop Tip of the Week newsletter and site, gave outstanding workshops on Photoshop, and was active in photography and Photoshop discussion lists.

Carl wrote about how he felt about photography,

"I like to make photographs that are almost hard to believe, refining the reality towards an idealistic state, reaching towards a magical image that merges fantasy with reality. Although photographic technique plays a major role in creating these images, I try to create a finished product that does not remind one of technique."

A fine and gifted guitarist with recordings that have sold well, Carl also had a deep passion and love for music. He and I shared that love and passion for music, for photography, for Photoshop, for creativity, the beauty in life and all around us, and so much more.

Not long after he died, was created. It’s actually the site that Carl built and was maintaining via the (now defunct) i/us Web site. It’s been kept intact except for adding information about his death and the continued availability of his photos and music. You can purchase photos, his music, and view so much of what he was doing. (Estrada del Sol is my favorite.) It remains a fascinating site with his tutorials, Photoshop Tip of the Week section, a gallery of his photos, his music with sound clips, and more.

I only knew Carl a couple of years, but it didn’t take long to develop a close friendship with him. He had lots of close friends, he was well respected and highly regarded among his colleagues, and I was among many who adored him. And I know his wife, family, colleagues, and friends all miss him.

Little did I know when I got his email September 3rd, 2000 that it would be the last one I’d receive from him. His untimely death occurred less than 48 hours after that email.

To Carl a year later,

You were such a sweet, inspirational, and treasured friend. I miss seeing your emails pop into my Inbox and the phone ringing to hear your kind, gentle, and friendly voice. I miss sharing our dreams and encouraging each other to pursue them. You wholeheartedly believed in me, and I wholeheartedly believed in you.

I miss you dearly, my friend.

The gift of friendship is precious indeed. Give those you love an extra hug today.

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