New Discussion List Regarding Terrorist Attacks in the U.S.

Ron Klegman from evolt.org’s TheList discussion list has just opened a new discussion list to keep each other posted about the events as they unfold and to find out about loved ones, etc.

911USAttack : 911- The Day The U.S. Changed!

If you haven’t heard the news yet, there’s been a terrorist attack on the U.S. I’m not writing this as a joke, unfortunately.

  • Two planes intentionally crashed into both towers of the World Trade Center. As of this note, both towers are now collapsed as a result. One of the two planes is confirmed to have been a hijacked plane from American Airlines flying from Boston to Los Angeles with 81 passengers, 2 pilots, and 4 flight attendants.
  • The Pentagon has also been attacked by a hijacked airplane with major deaths and damage. There was also at least one car bombing at the Pentagon a short time later as well.
  • There was also a hijacked plane that crashed near Camp David.
  • All outgoing flights throughout the U.S. are currently canceled. No flights are allowed to take off until further notice.
  • The White House and other government buildings have been evacuated in Washington, D.C.

There are at least 4 confirmed hijacked planes as of this note.

Thoughts and prayers are with everyone. This is a horrific situation.

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