Terrorist Attacks - Helping the Victims and Their Families

Information and resources are popping up around the Internet to help families and friends find each other, to check on the latest of what’s happening, to provide shelter or donate blood, and more. Here are some of them.

New Yorkers, Families - Sites To Check In

The Internet is really rallying around. Here are some places to help victims and to help families and friends check to make sure each other is OK, leave messages of their whereabouts, and related.

Airlines Information For Family Inquiries

  • American Airlines
    Toll-free call: 800-245-0999
    Web site
  • United Airlines
    Web site

Donate Blood

Here are some locations in the New York area to donate blood.[4]

For NYC residents - Local Hospitals Accepting Blood Donations:
The following New York City hospitals are accepting blood donations:

  • Manhattan
    St. Clare’s Hospital & Health Center
    426 W. 52nd St.
  • Manhattan
    St. Vincent’s Hospital & Medical Center
    7th Ave. at 11th St.
  • Brooklyn
    St. Mary’s Hospital
    170 Buffalo Ave.
  • Queens-Flushing
    St. Joseph’s Hospital
    15840 79th Ave.
  • Queens- Jamaica
    St. Vincent’s Medical Center of Richmond
    355 Bard Ave.
  • Staten Island
    Mary Immaculate Hospital
    15211 89th Ave.

Red Cross Donations

Help for Children from Mr. Rogers

Other Information, Resources

Blogger has set up a search page that updates every 10 minutes that’s tracking Weblogs around the Net, and there are discussion lists popping up for people to talk about the events, share concerns, provide support. Here are a few as of this moment:

All the major news sources are extensively covering this tragedy, too, of course:

[1] Thanks to Carole Guevin of NetDiver.net and Pixeltable.com for so much assistance to help spread the word with all this information.


[3] Thanks to Sabrina Dent, Apperception for the Dmoz link.

[4]Carole Guevin, ibid.

[5] Thanks to Dave Winer’s Scripting News for the link to the Empire State Building webcam.

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