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A Moment of Silence, in respect and memory for the victims, families, and colleagues of the attack 09-11-01Sites all over the world are coming together in a Moment of Silence [1], community, tributes, and to share information, express concern and offer love, support, prayers, and community.

We can show the world how we are all interconnected, that we’re one world, one community. We will become stronger, not weaker. We will not retreat but will gather together. Terrorism will not defeat us. Instead we will gain renewed energy.

If you have a site paying tribute in some way, here are some sites where you can have yours listed.

  • In memory of those lost
    by cityofkent.com

    "May peace be with this whole world. May freedom ring loud and clear."

  • A Moment of Silence
    by neuralkaos.com

    "Respect for human life must be restored. Acts like this must be stopped. Prayers and love to the victims of this tragedy and their families."

If you have a community site to be added to the above list, please contact me and I’ll add it to the above list. Let’s spread the word. Thank you.

Others Coming Together off the Web
Communities all over the world are helping out in many ways. Volunteers are selflessly giving of their time and effort. And prayer communities are gathering as well.

"If we are to know a better and more secure world, then through our thoughts and actions we must counteract the negativity that seeks to undermine it."

Sri Daya Mata
Self-Realization Fellowship

Thanks to Paul Smith, Life in the Bus Lane for creating and contributing the animated Moment of Silence image above.

[1] Thanks to Digital Web’s What’s New entry by Nick Finck.

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