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World Trade Center, Pentagon Attacks, Cont.

More News Articles, Photos, Personal Accounts:

The photographs and personal accounts leave me speechless. I remain in shock, and my heart aches deeply for all the families, friends and colleagues who’ve lost loved ones. Many are still waiting to hear the confirmation, many are still hoping their loved ones will be found alive amidst the rubble.

“Look elsewhere for words. I have not yet found any that does what I saw justice.”

-- Christopher Casciano,
photographer, describing the WTC attack.

Here’s an update of this morning’s listing and some new categories, too.

Communications, Phone Lines Updates and Information

Sites Devoted to New York or the WTC, Pentagon Attacks

  • World New York
    Site devoted to New York. Currently has an ongoing update of articles, photos and news around the web. Excellent resource.
    [Site by Grant Barrett]

Articles, Reports

Photos, Videos

  • Christopher Casciano
    An absolutely amazing photo story of the WTC attack and aftermath. 72 photos.
    [09/11/01 Christopher Casciano]
  • 911 In America: Images & Video From September 11th, 2001
    A repository of videos, photos (thumbnails to click on), and articles for both the WTC and the Pentagon. Excellent resource with lots of high quality images, many high resolution, too.
    [09/11/01 Eric N. Krout]

Personal Accounts - Weblogs

  • saranwarp - wrap me up in it
    First hand accounts of watching the WTC attacks from a rooftop in Brooklyn beginning with 9:43 A.M. entry and many throughout the day. The 09/12/01 10:05 A.M. entry has interesting insight and thoughts by this New Yorker who is of American and Arab descent expressing thoughts about the attacks and people’s responses toward Arabs.
    [09/12/01 dori mondon]
  • The Tin Man
    Jeff reflects on daily life in New York around the WTC, how much of a mainstay it was in his life, how he was there every day, saw it every day, and much more. Another riveting web log entry about the day’s events.
    [09/12/01 jeff]

Finding More Information on the Net, Resources

[1] Thanks to Carole Guevin, and

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