Building Humanity - A New Discussion List

There are quite a few discussion lists springing up around the Web related in some way to Tuesday’s attacks. Building Humanity is a new one created by information architect Tim Salam with a very positive purpose, which is why I mention it here:

This discussion list is for people to exchange ideas and open a dialogue on how we can all help each other through the various elements of our current human crisis. Appropriate topics include helping victims, helping each other, explaining thing to our kids, how to be more involved in our system, how to be an active community member, better ways to do things for our community, how to generate tangible and intangible works of kindness and understanding, how to trade hate and anger with understanding and other intellectual property, and any other constructive concepts that would help each of us be better citizens and humans.

[09/13/01 thanks to Tim Salam for letting me know about this new list!]

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