New Article On Layouts Without Tables

Rachel Andrew has written an easy-to-understand new article on table-free layouts for Web sites, Real World Table Free Site Development. Rachel states,

What I will be discussing here is the actual practicalities of getting it to work in the real world, and the reasons why you might expend the time and energy to do so.

One of the best reasons for dumping tables and using CSS to lay out your pages is that browsers that do not support CSS will not see a horrible mess but instead will see your content, logically ordered on the page. This applies to speaking browsers, Braille readers and text only browsers such as Lynx too.

Rachel describes a very realistic, practical approach, one that goes a long way in helping others understand that using CSS positioning (CSS-P) doesn’t necessitate excluding certain browser users. At the end, she lists some great resources to more information.

Further Information Here

  • CSS section at Brainstorms & Raves - all the posts related to style sheets are listed here.
  • Our own’s CSS section also has annotated resources to many of the best tutorials, articles, tips, charts, and W3 guidelines.

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  1. Hi,
    This article is very intresting and beautifully written..
    I am learning to design layouts without using tables and only using CSS and I know its going to the thing in few days to come..

    Thank you..

    12:21 am, pdt 9 April, 2004Comment by Deepak

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