Fun and Fantastic Online Color Palette Tools

Whether you’re a color expert or know nothing and want to figure out some color palette ideas for your next awesome Web site (or your bathroom, or whatever!), there’s a great tool by Limitless Innovations, Navigate Colour. All the color codes are generated with the color palettes, too, ready for your web pages.

screen shot of Navigate colour page, showing shades of blue with RGB codesYou’ll see blocks of color that together provide interesting color palettes. You can play around with the colors, changing an RGB value, adding or subtracting cyan, yellow, magenta, red, green, blue. Or click another button and invert the colors. You can also add or subtract by hue, lightness, or saturation. Or you can change the entire page color palette by percentage of variation, RGB colors, or click on the color safe palette.

Want to make your own color swatches? Check out their Make Swatches tool after visiting the Browse palettes page to select which palette layout you’d like to use - websafe, extended, or partial.

What if you want to check out text colors against various background colors? You can do that too with the Preview text tool.

To top it all off, whenever you generate new colors, a new URL is created, too. So you can save your color palettes with your bookmarks.

Paola Kathuria created the Colour Selector in 1996 after creating a tool to generate background and text color test pages for her own use, thinking they may be useful for others. She continues to improve the tools and welcomes feedback, too. This is clearly a labor of love for her, and it’s an exceptional tool.

You could easily spend hours playing with these tools, trying out color palettes and seeing what happens when you press various buttons.

Resources Here:’s Color section
Color charts available at, and annotated links to more color charts and tools, color psychology, color and the color blind, using color, and lots more information.

Other Online Resources:
Exceptional and affordable color references for web designers, including posters, laminated charts, mousepads, free color swatches for graphics programs, and much more. Check out their HTML charts, too. Highly regarded as the best tools available.

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