Alternatives To War?

View From the Heart, one of my favorite weblogs, writes today about what war really means, at least in theory.

"War is a political tool, like diplomacy. The purpose in the end is to make the opposition come to the table and agree to terms. It is the tool of failed statecraft, and a poor substitute for political dialogue."

Is it possible to resolve this monumental terrorist situation without having to kill more people, without having to go to war? I think we must try everything possible before our armies pull out their machine guns and their explosives. We can’t just respond to our outrage and seek revenge. We must consider the entire world and we must consider the consequences of our actions for our country AND the world. There’s a systems diagram by Scilla Elworthy for Open Democracy that shows how to break out of this trap: Breaking the cycle of violence.

Seeing buildings explode and countless lives lost have reminded us about the priceless value and importance of our family, friends, and loved ones. Let’s also not ever forget the final phone calls from those about to lose their lives—they called to say "I love you." Tell someone those words today and every day. Maybe you’re not used to saying those words or hearing them. Don’t let all the other stuff get in the way.

If you hold someone’s hand as he or she takes those final breaths, it becomes incredibly clear that truly none of the other stuff matters. Thousands of people so needlessly died September 11th. We’ve experienced a traumatic and horrendous loss. Resolve conflicts, talk, be kind, figure it out.

Allow this experience to awaken or renew the kindness and love in our hearts rather than build resentment and hatred.

We must protect ourselves and we must do all we can to stop violence. We really can overcome the evil that was done September 11 in many ways besides acting out of revenge with bombs, machine guns, hatred and discrimination—that, after all, is a vicious never-ending cycle.

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